Talking to your daughter

Your little girl is growing up. This may be an exciting and confusing time for both you and her. The following information is designed to help you both with the challenges of puberty.

Perhaps you are the mother of a girl who may soon or already has shown signs of pubertal changes such as a growth spurt in hands, feet and height, or breast enlargement. Or your daughter may still be a toddler and you are thinking ahead. Maybe you are not in a mother-daughter relationship at all but, for the purposes of this web site, we will "talk" as if our audience is the mother of a daughter.

Congratulations on reading this section of the site. It means you want to offer your daughter the knowledge she needs and a chance to talk with you about her questions and her feelings. Your role is very important. By providing her with information and support, and by letting her know that you will be there to answer any questions she might have, you can help to guide your daughter naturally and happily through this important time in her life.

Your role is very important. The way that you discuss your daughter's changing body may well affect how she views her body in the years to come. Don't think you have to be an expert to carry it off successfully. This web site can certainly help. But do be sure that, whatever you say, it is understood. Stop regularly and ask what she has heard, to be sure she's not confused. And ask if she has any questions. At this site, we've outlined some of the basics, which will help you to get started. There is additional information at other areas of this web site that you might want to share with your daughter, depending on her age and level of understanding.

If you or your daughter have special questions or concerns, you may want to consult a book or perhaps visit your doctor. And remember, enjoy this special time with your daughter. With your support and understanding, you can help her to develop healthy, positive attitudes about her body that will last a lifetime.